Ricketts Point


Original painting
Size 121.5  x 183 cm (diptych)
Year 2022
Framed in Tasmanian oak box frame

Please, contact me, if you would like to preview this work in person at my studio in St.Kilda VIC.
Email: info@brigitala.com

Artist Statement
This painting is inspired by my favourite local place, Ricketts Point Marine Sanctuary. I am so lucky to be able to explore this unique environment every day during my walks, swims & snorkels. I also make quick sketches and take photos to support my painting process. It is a visually phenomenal place and there is enough painting material for a lifetime. I like experiencing the sea and the land in tactile, hands-on ways. The richness of colours, textures and shapes fascinates me. Everything changes constantly depending on the light & weather conditions. The same scene looks different each hour. This painting features exposed reef & rocks on a gloomy day during low tide. The subtle textures are dancing & playing together, weaving intricate patterns that will soon be gone with the coming tide.
My painting process is very spontaneous, impulsive and raw. I like to create quickly without thinking or editing too much. My style is expressive, gestural and conveys my immediate emotion through mark making & various colour combinations. My paintings are more visceral and relate to inward feelings rather than to intellect.