Brigita Lastauskaite/ The Artist : )

Brigita Lastauskaite completed a MFA majoring in Textile at the Vilnius Art Academy in
Kaunas, Lithuania, then having migrated to Australia in the late 1990s went on to study a
Bachelor of Media Arts at RMIT in Melbourne. Continually looking at new ways to further
develop her visual language, explore new ways of mark making and subtly communicate
through her compositions, the influence of working with textile and texture from her time in
Lithuania is still evident in her painting practice today.

Weaving the flotsam and jetsam of her scribbles, splashes and spontaneous application of
paint Lastauskaite’s multi-layered works are akin to folkloric tapestries.

Through an intuitive
process of making marks and placing shapes Lastauskaite achieves an alluring balance in
her compositions even though the placement of the visual information is often asymmetrical
and without pattern. Her selection of colours and materials she plays with – most often
synthetic polymer paints, oil sticks, crayon and pencils – juxtapose or interlace leading to
sumptuous works that immediately engage the eye.

Since her first exhibition in1996, Lastauskaite has had 6 Solo Exhibitions in Melbourne, two
in Europe, in Finalnd and Lithuania, and has participated in over 20 group exhibitions.

Jacob Hoerner | August 2020